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Wordle was developed by programmer Josh Wardle and is named after him. The game’s addictive nature has led to a meteoric rise in popularity since its October 2021 release. However, Wordle only produces a single new word game daily, so returning players must wait until the next day.

What are the rules of Wordle?

On Wordle, you have six chances to identify a 5-letter word correctly. A letter will become green if you guess it correctly and it is used in the correct position of the word. The word will become yellow if you assume a letter that isn’t where you think it is. Any note you guess doesn’t belong in the word will turn grey.

Thanks to the keyboard’s matching color scheme, you can keep track of which letters you’ve tried and which you haven’t as you make your next guess. When you guess the correct word, a pop-up will show your stats, including the number of guesses you made, your percentage of wins, and your Wordle streak.

You may also check out the countdown to the next Wordle game, which will be released in the UK at midnight. If the game becomes too simple for you, you can switch to a hard option that causes you to lose given hints in every next guess, as well as a dark mode and a color-blind mode with high contrast colors from the settings tab.

How do you access Wordle?

Wordle’s rising popularity is partly attributed to the controversy surrounding similar tools. The need for an official app, annoying advertisements, and in-app purchases make Wordle a rare mobile game in 2022. Wordle can be played by visiting in a web browser.

However, this has opened the floodgates for shady app makers to try to cash in on the game’s popularity, with one man, in particular, trying to trick gamers with a game that shares the same name and a very similar user interface (UI), and then boasting about it on Twitter. He expressed regret and removed the program, but that hasn’t stopped others from creating imitation Wordle and Wordle-like games.

The most popular daily word puzzle on the internet,, was moved to The New York Times website on Thursday afternoon. There, you are faced with a site that is eerily identical to the one you’re used to, but with one key difference: the heading “Wordle” now uses The New York Times’ signature font instead of the standard Helvetica.

The New York Times has only recently announced that they would pay “low seven figures” for Josh Wardle’s viral hit. However, the original publisher has already taken action by changing the URL. Perhaps they are as nostalgic as you are because The New York Times included the outdated “power language” URL only three hours earlier in a roundup of Wordle strategies.

The Language of Power Politics

The unorthodox nature of, which needed to be designed to improve search engine rankings or increase discoverability, is likely responsible for the site’s immense popularity. Despite this, the game became incredibly famous thanks to word of mouth alone. Someone who heard about Wordle from a friend but didn’t know where to look online would be confused about whether the “power language” website was right. Some players could have even downloaded fake software, thinking it was real.

The relevance of the word “power language” in the Wordle game’s URL is unclear to many players. During a conversation with him last month, you asked author Josh Wardle about the inspiration for this pseudonym. Now that Wardle is in such high demand as a developer, those days must seem like ancient history.

How well-versed are you in Wordle?

There have been some minor adjustments made to the game. However, they may go unnoticed at first. This was something you expected to occur. They appreciated because of how irrational and clear it was that it was not meant to go viral.

Nobody cared about making it easy to find, yet it became popular. Even if you’ve heard of Wordle from a friend, you may still be confused about where to go if you Google it; for example, you might think it’s an app and download a fake, or you might wonder if the “power language” website is the appropriate place to go.

What gives authority to language? During our conversation with Wardle last month, he graciously explained how he first became known online. That discussion must have felt like ancient history to the developer who found themselves suddenly in high demand.


That’s terrible, but maybe it’s a chance to let go of the need for perfection, give ourselves permission to guess a terrible word tomorrow, and instead revel in the wonder of language, the way that simply switching around the order of a few letters can give us so much pleasure that we then share with our friends daily. Alternatively, you can express your outrage on Twitter.


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