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Mstriggahappy Bio, Wiki, TikTok Star & Lifestyle


Mstriggahappy, a prominent TikTok sensation hailing from the United States, has been a driving force in the world of social media. With a passion for working with children, she had intended to pursue a related course after completing her studies. However, fate had other plans for her.

Despite her long-standing interest in fashion and fitness, Mstriggahappy had not envisioned modeling as a career path. Instead, she embarked on her social media journey by creating accounts on several platforms, with a special focus on TikTok. Her engaging content and unique approach have resulted in her amassing a following of over 2 million enthusiastic fans.

With her captivating presence, Mstriggahappy has become a veritable influencer and role model for her followers. Her dedication to her craft and commitment to spreading positivity has earned her widespread acclaim and admiration. As she continues to inspire and connect with her audience, her star continues to rise.

About Mstriggahappy:

Mstrigga, widely recognized under her pseudonym Mstriggahappy, has made a name for herself as a TikTok and social media star. Mstrigga was born in United States on March 2, 1995. Currently, she is 27 years old. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Mstriggahappy is of mixed ethnicity and holds American nationality. She follows the Christian faith and incorporates its values into her content. Although she is married, she prefers to keep her husband’s identity private. She has two children, son and a daughter and she loves to spend some time with family.

With her exceptional talent and captivating personality, Mstriggahappy has earned immense popularity among her fans. She continues to inspire and engage her audience through her creative content, which highlights her passion for fashion, fitness, and spreading joy.

Mstriggahappy Physical Stats:

Mstriggahappy stands at approximately 5 feet and 5 inches (1.65 m) tall and weighs around 55 kg (121 lbs). Her body measurements are approximately 35-28-40 inches, with a bra cup size of 35 D. She has dark brown eyes that add depth and warmth to her charming persona, and her blonde hair complements her radiant complexion. Mstriggahappy wears a US shoe size of 6.5. Her well-proportioned physique and confident demeanor have contributed to her widespread appeal and increasing popularity on social media platforms.

Mstriggahappy Childhood & Personal Life:

From a young age, Mstriggahappy exhibited a passion for social media platforms and was drawn toward organizing cultural programs and ceremonies. She has organized numerous events on her own, showcasing her creativity and event-planning skills. Her education is extensive, and she is well-educated, having pursued academic excellence throughout her schooling and college years.

Unfortunately, the names of Mstriggahappy’s parents are not publicly known. She has siblings, and her family is quite supportive and with the support of family, she reached heights.

Mstriggahappy’s interest in social media platforms began in her early years and has grown significantly over time. With her dedication, creativity, and engaging content, she has made a name for herself as a TikTok and social media star, inspiring and entertaining millions of fans worldwide.

Mstriggahappy is married and has 2 children but she prefers to keep her husband’s identity private.

Mstriggahappy Career:

Mstriggahappy burst onto the social media scene through TikTok, where she quickly gained a significant following. Her unique sense of fashion and style, as well as her natural affinity for the camera, made her videos stand out. Mstriggahappy also owns a YouTube channel called the Happy YouTube Channel, where she shares her love for ASMR videos, and her videos have received positive feedback from viewers.

In addition to her TikTok and YouTube channels, Mstriggahappy has also pursued modeling and acting, which have contributed to her increasing popularity. Her willingness to appreciate other performers is evident in her work, and her ability to connect with viewers through her friendly demeanor and approachable personality has endeared her to millions of fans.

Mstriggahappy’s fitness and fashion goals have been an important part of her life, and she has always been passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her journey in the social media world began with her joining various platforms, and her natural talent and hard work have led her to become a TikTok star and celebrity. Mstriggahappy also uses her platforms to showcase her witty side and sense of humor through pranks and challenges, adding to her appeal as a social media influencer.

With her charming personality, stylish fashion sense, and engaging content, Mstriggahappy has become an inspiration for young people who aspire to achieve success in the digital world. She remains active on all her social media platforms, regularly updating her millions of followers with posts and pictures.

Mstriggahappy Social Media:

Mstrigga is a rising content creator who has made a remarkable impact on the popular social media platform, TikTok. With her unique perspective and creative approach, she has become a big sensation within the social media community. Her success has attracted a large and loyal following across all her social media pages and accounts, with almost 2 million followers on Twitter and 300K on Instagram.

As a successful professional influencer and celebrity, Mstrigga has a natural flair for engaging with her fans and followers. Her behind-the-scenes videos and funny conversations have earned her a reputation for entertaining and keeping her audience engaged. She is continuously pushing herself to improve and try new things to impress her fans.

Aside from her presence on TikTok, Mstrigga has a successful YouTube channel under the username @Happy, which features ASMR videos and showcases her excellent sense of style and fashion. She also has a natural talent for photography and video making, which has led her to explore acting and modeling opportunities, showcasing her unlimited sets of skills.

Mstrigga has an artful approach to acknowledging and appreciating her fans, which has resulted in a large group of admirers and followers. Her openness and kindness have created a fascinating and dedicated theme of followers. Mstrigga’s trendy and confident appearance coupled with her unique ideas and emotions make her a one-of-a-kind personality, with a natural ability to connect with her viewers and followers.

Her sense of humor and fun personality shine through in her videos, where she frequently takes on massive challenges and cute pranks, entertaining her fans while showcasing her extraordinary talent. Mstrigga is undoubtedly a popular and sociable influencer, and her ability to connect with her audience has made her a remarkable content creator to watch out for in the future.

Mstriggahappy Net Worth:

Mstriggahappy has built a successful career as a content creator and influencer, and her primary source of income is derived from her work in social media. With her impressive following and engagement on platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, she has become a sought-after figure in the industry. Mstriggahappy has a Net Worth of around $500,000 to $600,000 as of February 2023. She is a hardworking and ambitious person, and in the upcoming year, she will rise more.

Interesting Facts about Mstriggahappy:

Mstriggahappy has a diverse range of interests and preferences that make her an intriguing personality. Her admiration for acclaimed actress Christa B. Allen and Grammy Award-winning singer Ashanti showcases her appreciation for talent and creativity. In addition, her admiration for Hollywood legends Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio demonstrates her appreciation for timeless acting and cinematic brilliance.

Mstriggahappy’s love for music is evident through her admiration for pop diva Mariah Carey and rock icon Steven Tyler. Mstriggahappy is a foodie person and she enjoys eating pizza and burgers. She loves to spend vacations or we can say her favorite holiday destination is London, which is known for its lifestyle and culture.

Mstriggahappy is a true multimedia enthusiast, who enjoys reading, listening to music, watching movies, and playing video games. She is a devoted mother who treasures spending quality time with her children.


Question: Who is Mstriggahappy?

Answer: Mstriggahappy is a professional influencer and social media personality who has gained a significant following on platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Question: What is Mstriggahappy known for?

Answer: Mstriggahappy is known for creating authentic content, entertaining her fans and followers with behind-the-scenes videos, showcasing her talent for photography and video-making, and demonstrating her sense of humor through funny pranks and challenges.

Question: What is Mstriggahappy’s net worth?

Answer: Mstriggahappy’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 – $600,000 as of February 2023, primarily from her work in social media.

Question: What are Mstriggahappy’s favorite actors and actresses?

Answer: Mstriggahappy’s favorite actresses are Christa B. Allen and Ashanti, while her favorite actors are Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Question: Who are Mstriggahappy’s favorite singers?

Answer: Mstriggahappy’s favorite singers are Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler.

Question: What are Mstriggahappy’s favorite foods?

Answer: Mstriggahappy’s favorite foods are pizza and burgers.

Question: What is Mstriggahappy’s favorite holiday destination?

Answer: Mstriggahappy’s favorite holiday destination is London.

Question: What are Mstriggahappy’s hobbies?

Answer: Mstriggahappy enjoys reading, listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, and spending time with her children.


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