sportsBioKeilani Bautista Daughter Of Dave Bautista: Bio, Age, Husband & More

Keilani Bautista Daughter Of Dave Bautista: Bio, Age, Husband & More

Keilani Bautista Introduction

Keilani Bautista, daughter of WWE Hall of Famer and Hollywood icon Dave Bautista, hails from America and was born under the Cancer zodiac sign. She is a devout Christian, and her faith helps her gain insight and a deeper understanding of life. With mixed heritage gifted to her by her ancestors, Keilani’s roots run deep. Dave was only 21 years old when Keilani was born, and he was driven to make a name for himself in the world of WWE, working tirelessly to provide a better life for his family.

Keilani Bautista Biography

In Washington D.C., on June 21, 1990, Keilani Bautista was born to her father, WWE Hall of Famer and Hollywood actor, Dave Bautista. Her father’s fame precedes her, as he is known to most WWE fans simply as “Bautista”. Despite her father’s celebrity status, Keilani is a unique and interesting individual in her own right. She holds a special place in her father’s heart, as he once said that she is his “beloved sweetheart whom I love more than anyone”.

Keilani Bautista Age, Height, weight

Keilani was born on June 21, 1990, and is a modern young woman who stands at 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She has dark brown eyes and hair, but likes to experiment with hair colors, including blue. Keilani has been influenced by pop culture, which is reflected in her style, especially during her early 20s. She weighs around 65 kg and maintains her figure with yoga, unlike her father who is a muscular gym enthusiast. Keilani’s body measurements are approximately 34-26-34 inches.

Keilani Bautista Parents, Siblings

Keilani Bautista was born in Washington, D.C. on June 21, 1990, making her 32 years old currently. She is the daughter of Dave Bautista and Glenda Bautista, who divorced after eight years of marriage, having two daughters together, Keilani and Athena Bautista. Keilani also has a half-brother named Oliver Bautista, whom she cares for as her own.

Donna Raye Bautista and David Michael Bautista are Keilani’s grandparents, and she has an uncle named Michael Bautista and an aunt named Donna Raye Bautista. Despite being born to Dave and Glenda, Keilani’s parents have been separated for a long time.

Dave’s success in professional wrestling led to the deterioration of his relationship with Glenda, and they ended their marriage in 1998. Dave then married Angie Bautista the same year, but their marriage also ended after eight years in 2006. Keilani’s stepmothers include Angie Bautista and Sarah Jade, whom Dave married in 2015 and divorced in 2019.

Keilani Bautista Husband, Kids

Keilani Bautista has recently tied the knot with her boyfriend, James Haney, and the couple is now happily married. They have been blessed with two children, Aiden Bautista and Jacob Bautista, both of whom have taken the surname of their grandfather, Dave. This is a testament to the fact that Keilani has married into a great family. She is very happy in her married life and feels blessed to have a wonderful father, mother, husband, and children.

In Keilani’s own words, she expresses how overjoyed she is to have two children who mean the world to her. She now understands why her own parents loved her so much. Keilani’s children inspire her to work hard and continue to grow as a person so that she can teach them how to live a better life. Keilani also mentions that her stepbrother, Oliver Bautista, is very young, but her two children get along well with him, as he is like a perfect young uncle to them.

Keilani Bautista Father

Dave Batista is a globally recognized name, especially among those born after the 1980s. This is largely due to his success as a multi-time world champion in the WWE, which helped create a lasting legacy for him as one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time. He has a devoted fanbase, with much of his career reaching its peak between 2000 and 2010 before he transitioned to Hollywood. While he has made some appearances in the WWE since then, they have been mainly to generate drama for a short period. In the movie industry, he is known for his roles in various popular films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Army of the Dead, and My Spy. Unlike some other wrestlers who have made the transition to Hollywood, Batista has achieved a consistent level of success and is considered one of the most famous names in the industry, second only to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Keilani Bautista Professional Career

Keilani Bautista is a part of her father’s team and handles various tasks for him, including booking travel and managing his projects all over the world. Given that Dave is now a successful actor in Hollywood, it is impressive that Keilani is able to effectively manage his workload. Her work for her father has enabled her to climb to the top of the ladder, and it’s a fortunate circumstance that her father can rely on his eldest daughter for help. By keeping some of his affairs within the family, Dave can rest assured that his business is in good hands and won’t be taken advantage of by outsiders.

Keilani Social Media

Keilani Bautista has social media accounts, including Instagram, but she uses different names to maintain privacy and avoid the attention that comes with being the daughter of a famous celebrity. As a mother of two children, she prefers to live a simple life and let her kids enjoy their childhood without being in the limelight.

Keilani Net Worth

As of 2023, Keilani Bautista’s estimated net worth is around USD 2 million, largely due to the substantial inheritance from her father, Dave Bautista, as well as her work for him. Dave’s own net worth is estimated at over 50 million USD, reflecting the family’s prominence and wealth. Keilani has a fondness for luxury handbags and owns a Balmain B Army tote among her collection. She also possesses two luxury cars and a spacious 6-bedroom house located in Los Angeles, California.

Facts About Keilani

Keilani Bautista, who is Dave Bautista’s eldest child, has a few personal preferences and traits. For instance, she is a big fan of Tom Cruise’s movies and enjoys them the most. When it comes to her favorite holiday destination, it is Goa, India, and she also loves Indian cuisine. Keilani is the mother of two children, Aiden Bautista and Jacob Bautista, who are the grandchildren of Dave Batista.

Keilani’s favorite color is pink and she likes to wear clothing in that shade. She used to smoke but quit at the age of 26, and she also enjoys drinking wine. Additionally, during her teenage and early 20s, Keilani liked to dye her hair different colors.

Quick Know About Keilani Bautista

Born: 1990 (age 33 years)
Children: Aiden Bautista, Jacob Bautista
Siblings: Athena Bautista
Parents: Dave Bautista, Glenda Bautista
Uncle: Michael Bautista
Aunt: Donna Raye Bautista
Grandparents: Donna Raye Bautista, David Michael Bautista


Who is Keilani Bautista?

Keilani Bautista is the eldest child of the famous actor and retired professional wrestler Dave Bautista.

What does Keilani Bautista do for a living?

It is unclear what Keilani Bautista does for a living, as she tends to keep her personal life private.

What are Keilani Bautista’s favorite hobbies?

There is no public information available regarding Keilani Bautista’s favorite hobbies.

Is Keilani Bautista married?

Yes, Keilani Bautista is married to her husband James Haney.

How many children does Keilani Bautista have?

Keilani Bautista has two children, Aiden Bautista and Jacob Bautista.

Does Keilani Bautista have any siblings?

Yes, Keilani Bautista has a younger half-brother named Oliver Bautista.

What are Keilani Bautista’s favorite holiday destinations?

According to some reports, Keilani Bautista’s favorite holiday destination is Goa, India.

Does Keilani Bautista have any favorite colors?

Yes, Keilani Bautista’s favorite color is pink.

What are Keilani Bautista’s favorite movies?

Keilani Bautista is a big fan of Tom Cruise’s movies, but it is unclear if she has any other favorites.

Is Keilani Bautista active on social media?

Keilani Bautista has a private Instagram account, but she rarely shares any information about her personal life on social media.


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