worldWhere to Find the iPhone 14 and How to Buy It?

Where to Find the iPhone 14 and How to Buy It?


The new iPhone 14 is here, and it’s time to save significant money. With a trade-in and an unlimited service contract, the iPhone 14 is free from nearly all carriers. Also, if you trade in a newer smartphone, you can save money at Best Buy or Apple. On September 16th, Apple finally released its new iPhone 14 series. Please be aware that the iPhone 14 Plus pre-orders will begin on October 7th.

Here are seven things you should do immediately after getting your new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. As a bonus, if you’re using an iPhone 14 to test out iOS 16 for the first time, you’ll find some cool new stuff to play with!

Install iOS 16.2

iOS 16 is preinstalled on any iPhone 14 model. Yet, it still needs to run the most recent version of iOS (16.2). Midway through December saw the release of iOS 12 with several new features, including Apple Music Sing, which converts your favorite music into karaoke tracks,the Freeform app, which allows users to collaborate on projects across several devices, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. You should update immediately because of the various security and bug patches. To obtain it, go to the Settings menu and select General, followed by Software Update.

Modify the screen’s settings:

Since it’s the first iPhone to sport an always-on screen, the new iPhone 14 Pro deserves immediate attention. Settings > Display & Brightness > Always On Display will activate it. Examine the preferences page for the option to conceal the background and alerts.

Be careful:

The iPhone is a pricey item. Even if you have the means to replace it shortly, taking care of this one now will increase its worth whether you sell it, trade it in, or pass it on to someone else.

Browse the brand-new camera settings:

The iPhone 14‘s new Action mode offers extreme video stabilization to hand-held videos, making them look as stable as those filmed with a steady tripod. It’s ideal for recording movies while jogging, sailing, or any other activity when you can’t guarantee a steady hand. To start recording video, launch your camera app and then hit the small “action” icon. It could be fun to run around while turning it on and off.

It’s also worth trying out the newly improved 4K Cinematic option. Anyone using an iPhone 12 or older should take advantage of this feature. It’s great to play around with, and Apple even provides a support page detailing the process. Go somewhere (or make something up) where your subject can be foreground and backdrop. Try tapping to focus or double-tapping on a subject to activate focus tracking and see what happens. When you’re done, launch the Photos app and experiment with editing tools to give the film a new focal point.

With the iPhone 14 Pro and Macro mode, you can capture the incredible depth of field and detail in up-close shots. By default, it will activate when you get close enough to an object, but you can adjust the settings to your liking.

Identify yourself and your emergency contact.

This can be done on any iPhone and might save your life, but only some know. Opening the Health app during iPhone setup is great for creating a medical ID and emergency contact. In an emergency, pressing and holding the side and volume buttons will immediately connect you to your designated emergency contact. At the same time, the medical ID feature will display important medical information or allergies on your lock screen for first responders.

In the event of an accident, include your contact information and any vital medical information that first responders will need.

Formalized Photographic Traditions

Since most people don’t upgrade their iPhones yearly, you may need to be more familiar with the new Photographic Styles introduced with version 13. The image processing pipeline can be tweaked to give your images a look more to your liking. To access the camera’s manual settings, launch the app, select “Photo,” and then slide up to reveal the controls. Select the icon depicting three stacked layers to access the Photographic Styles menu.

Visit the Island of Dynamism

Not the camera, but the new Dynamic Island is the most exciting addition to the iPhone 14 Pro. The notch will appear smaller when you first switch on your new iPhone. However, as you use your device, the gap will expand to accommodate your new music, FaceTime chats, timers, and more.


A user guide is included with every iPhone? It didn’t arrive in the box since it wouldn’t fit. Apple stores it securely on the cloud. However, the online iPhone User Guide is really useful, providing a well-organized and hyperlinked overview of your iPhone’s hardware and iOS 15. You’ll find a wealth of information you never knew you needed if you read the directions.


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