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Grace Avery Costner Bio, Age, Career, Net worth and Daughter of Kevin Costner

Due to her famous parents, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner, Grace Costner Baumgartner was instantly recognized. She has always drawn notice as the youngest Costner. This article covers Grace Avery Costner’s age, wiki, biography, and net worth.

Kevin Costner, Grace’s father, recounts her life.

Grace Avery Costner is the Costners’ youngest child. She was born Wednesday, June 2, 2010, at 5:46 p.m. Grace was born 21 inches tall and 7 pounds, 11 ounces. She’s only 12. Therefore she’s not yet a teen (2022).Kevin’s American daughter has German, Irish, Swiss, Welsh, and Scottish ancestry.

Grace has several relatives. Her two brothers, Hayes Logan Costner and Cayden Wyatt Costner were raised in Los Angeles, where she was born. Grace, Lily, Annie Clayton Costner Cox, and Joe Costner are siblings. Grace and their siblings are Lily, Annie, and Joe’s half-siblings. Jim Baumgartner, William Costner, and Sharon Costner are her grandparents.

Cayden’s uncles are Daniel Craig and Mark Douglas Costner. She rarely appears in public, but her family does. Grace Avery Costner is Kevin Costner’s daughter. Her mother, Christine Baumgartner, designs handbags. Her older brothers are Cayden and Hayes. Middle kid. She is a US citizen.

Kevin Costner’s Exes

Kevin married twice. Cindy Silva, his first wife, has one child.They dated as university students. He taught Cindy. They married three years after dating.Annie, Lily, and Joe were born to Kevin’s first wife, Cindy. Middle child Joe.

After sixteen years, they divorced.Kevin then married Bridget Rooney. They dated for a year.
They had Liam after a year together. They split the year Liam was born. Kevin dated Birgit Cunningham.

He was also committed to Elle Macpherson.Kevin dated Christine Baumgartner in 2000. Christine models and designs handbags. They married after four years. They were counting years after seventeen years of marriage. Their children are named Cayden, Hayes, and Grace. They enjoy married life.

Concerning Costner

Born January 18, 1955, Kevin Michael Costner is an American actor and director. Kevin Michael Costner.He is Sharon and William Costner’s youngest son. He started dancing and performing on stage in college. He debuted in Sizzle Beach, USA. Many films include him. 3 Days to Kill, The Bodyguard, Jack Ryan, and Let Him Go established his acting career.

He sings in a rock band he co-founded with his wife, Christine, in addition to acting. Kevin won two Academy Awards. He also won the Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe Awards, and many others. His two marriages produced seven children. He married Christine Baumgartner.

Partner deceived Kevin

Kevin introduced his friend Jim Wilson to the music-producing field. He helped Jim succeed on numerous projects. The Coaster helped Jim earn $35 Million. Kevin also co-owns “Good Ones Producing Company,” a production company.

Wilson began accepting any assignment and lost interest in the production company.
Kevin immediately called his lawyer and requested that Jim sign the proposal to transfer the company to Kevin so he could wind it down. Jim agreed. Jim refuses to sign. Before signing, Jim demanded $500,000.

He filed a complaint against Jim and demanded he repay the one million dollars he stole from the firm with interest.Jim and Kevin sued Zeke, a former legal aid for Kevin.
Zeke delivered Wilson Kevin’s company documents without his consent. 2021 saw this.

Kevin Brought Rifle to School

In “Jimmy Live Kimmel,” Kevin Costner discusses his first job, whether he carried guns to school and his wife. The interviewer began by discussing the interviewee’s Hall of Great Western Performance induction. Kevin revealed that his parents were from Compton and raised him there. Kevin then recounted his kindergarten years.

He said everyone had to bring their most special item on the day of sharing, so Kevin brought a rifle. He brought his father’s rifle to school for sharing day. His father gave it. He was proud of his possessions when he arrived there.

After seeing it, one of the teachers took the gun and taped a letter to his back. After that, his class talked about the terrifying sight of a toddler clutching a pistol. Then the interviewer asked about Kevin’s wife. Kevin recounted taking his wife and three children fishing.

Kevin’s wife grabbed a fish with her bare hands and released it into the ocean in a brief video shown during the interview. Kevin said he was shocked and happy to see his wife behave like that in front of him. After fishing, he brought her into the room and asked how his wife had done it.

Kevin Produces Only the Best

Kevin discussed Yellowstone in a 2022 Lorraine interview. The show’s host was thrilled to meet Hollywood legend Kevin. Audiences loved Kevin’s Yellowstone. People like his latest work too. He said he only picks robust scripts when asked how he likes movies and projects.

He attentively reviews scripts and evaluates if they have promise. He’s less worried about other things and more focused on the project if he’s optimistic. He did the same with the Yellowstone series. He thought it was a fantastic opportunity after reading the script. He didn’t know the series’ status or care.

He always appreciated the project’s quality and d market success. He also knew the series would remain popular and delightful over time.He played a member of one of the oldest groups that must ride for hours daily to survive in the film. He appeared fierce yet fragile.

Kevin revealed that the series was real and that people like his character still live in the US. These people live like his series character. He also detailed his lifestyle after a specific number of films. He wanted to live by the ocean and observe happenings. He will soon fulfill a wish.


Grace was born in 2010. She’s eleven now.

Profit or loss

Grace’s father, Kevin, is worth $250 Million. He earns the most from acting and directing.
American actors earn $58,580 per year on average.

Costner Nearly Died

Kevin and his band played a major Canadian music festival in 2009.An accident killed one person and injured over seventy. Kevin and his band prepared to perform in the room below the main stage.”BillyCurrington” was performing when the lights went out, and the stage fell.

The stage’s size caused one death and several injuries. Kevin and his manager dug themselves out from under the stage. Eventually, many were saved. Kevin was accused of molesting a woman on his honeymoon.

Kevin and his second wife were honeymooning in a motel. He was massaged by a woman his age. He inappropriately groped her and asked her to massage him all over. Kevin grabbed her hand and concealed it under his towel, she said. She also said he took off his towel and intercourse with her.

Hotel staff reported this incident to a top authority, but instead of helping her, they fired her.

She sued the hotel and won 30,000 pounds in compensation.


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