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How to choose a YouTube video MP3 music converter

YouTube videos to MP3 music converters have been saving our lives for almost 15 years already. When it first appeared, there were very few of them, and it was also the beginning of YouTube. The latter, with a few thousand videos, was not yet the giant it is today. At the time, there were dozens of converters. But if there is a common point between this period and today, it is the desire of YouTube to put an end to the concept of converting its videos.

Today, things have changed but not necessarily in favor of YouTube. Although it has become the undisputed master of video streaming platforms, it still has not found a way to stop the conversion via an MP3 music converter of its content. And, over the years, the number of conversion tools is estimated to have quadrupled compared to ten years ago.

But YouTube has not given up. Since 2015, it has created numerous services, such as YouTube Music or YouTube Premium, with the aim of, among other things, offering its users services that allow them to no longer have to download or convert videos from the platform. The success of these services is immediate. The last quote now has millions of subscribers around the world. However, the problem remains persistent. Be it downloads or conversions, they continue to increase as the years pass. It must be said that with the advertisements that flood YouTube, it is difficult to do without these tools. Here is a small summary of the different converters that can be found on the internet.

The benefits of a youtube to MP3 music converter

A small size on the storage disk characterizes a file in mp3 format. A YouTube to Mp3 Music Converter allows you to change the format of a video to audio. It usually stands out for its ability to convert multiple songs at once and download them. The files are thus saved once and for all on the user’s device. This avoids interruptions related to network issues. Conversion and download are immediate. In addition, the converter preserves the sound quality despite the compression relating to the conversion to mp3.

How to choose a youtube to MP3 music converter?

Many converters are available to perform YouTube music ripping. However, there are a few essential criteria to be observed in order to choose the right one.

The Quality Of Youtube To Mp3 Conversion

To enjoy pleasant listening, the quality of the downloaded file is essential. It depends on the level of encoding the converter offers and the file size produced.

Conversion Speed

The conversion speed is an important point for the pleasant use of the converter. The best converters take a handful of seconds to convert and download a video.

Practical Use

The conversion process should be very simple. It can sometimes be done online without any software installation. The various converters present their specific mode of use. It is better to opt for those that require the least manipulation.


The chosen YouTube to Mp3 Music Converter must be compatible with the device’s operating system. Opting for software adapted to the various systems, including iOS, Windows, and Android, is recommended.

The Cost Of Use

The use of some converters is chargeable. However, many free tools are available. They are also just as efficient as paid software.

Batch conversion function

You may need to convert YouTube playlists to MP3. Therefore, the batch conversion feature will save time when pasting and copying links. Perhaps it makes sense to pay attention to compatibility with mobile devices. In this case, you can search for an app with YouTube to MP3 conversion function. Suitable options are presented on both iOS and Android.

Choose a converter according to your device.

Depending on the device you are connecting with, there are different types of converters on the web. For example, if you have a smartphone (chances are), you can convert YouTube videos with it. To do this, first, download the video and install a YouTube to Mp3 Music Converter from your smartphone store ( Play Store or App Store). Then you just have to open it, choose the video, and start the conversion.

In case you use a computer, be aware that multiple choices are available to you. The first is indeed the software and/or extensions. Just like apps, it’s pretty easy to find them on the web. Just do some research online, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. The main flaw that can be blamed on this software is, although they are easy to find, finding one that works correctly and at all times is far from obvious. Don’t be surprised if the one you installed encounters bugs while using it. In terms of operation, it’s the same as mobile applications.


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